Recipe #6 - Beetroot Carrot Fritters

You must’ve made many fritters. But I doubt you’ve ever had one like this Carrot Beetroot Fritter. It is an absolute revelation! I make a lot of fritters. A lot! Our favourites are zucchini and corn, Mexican style corn fritters, Cabbage & Curry Leaf fritters and of course the ever popular Okonomiyaki which although is a pancake, could classify as a fritter if you made it small enough. But this fritter rules them all! When I first made it a while ago, it was deemed “The Best Fritter Ever” by my fritter loving family. That is something!

So I perfected the recipe, made it at least a dozen times and am now passing it on into your trusty hands. These Beetroot Carrot Fritters are sophisticated, brimming with beautiful flavours and textures and a pleasure to eat for a special brunch with all the trimmings - avocado, hot tomato relish, salsa verde, some crumbled feta and microgreens.

Fritters shouldn’t be thick and doughy. And you should never exercise restraint when you add the hero ingredients (veggies, herbs and spices). I love it when you can taste what the fritter is really about rather than a hint of something barely coming through the floury flavour. This Beetroot And Carrot Fritter incorporates some clever cooking. And a fresh, fun way of using whole spices too. Let me explain how …

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